Feeling weak on Day 44 Quit

Discussion created by sweetplt on Jan 16, 2019
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Hi Everyone 


Today is day 44 of Freedom from cigarettes.  I am finding craves so bad, yesterday and today.  Why so strong?

I feel like the first day quit.  I am doing so much on my list to keep busy, however I have been under stress from family issues (one of my triggers)...working through their drama and for once I am doing good with all of them.  Then,  I get off the phone and the crave comes on like a hurricane.   I am going to help out here at Ex’s to beat this feeling.  Like Ellen says, the more we help others in the journey the more it helps us get stronger.  Asking God to give me strength because the crave creeps up like a demon in the darkness.  I will get through this, I will...Colleen aka sweetp