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Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jan 13, 2019
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In my experience on Jive in this online community -  Status Updates are getting buried.  Perhaps there is a hope by the Admins of the site that it would come more to the fore - but since the platform migrated - I haven't seen that happen.  And that's been well over a year now.  I've seen the status updates fall below the radar in the community responses on a general basis.  We're missing new people all the time and that's not good..  


So - I would suggest that that category of communication be eliminated on this site.  We've got already two strong forms of community interaction - Blogs and Discussions.  I don't know if Status Updates can be eliminated from the site due to whatever the parameters of Jive, but if so - let it go.  Too many new people are getting lost within our on-line community. At least from my experience of viewing the process.


The only other choice would be to point it up  - but then that would create more confliction (I just made up a new word!)  Less is more.  If you read some of the posts of new members they are totally confused as to where to post what.  Too many choices, although exciting, ultimately is  debilitating.  


In my humble opinion.