Christmas Eve Smoking Again

Discussion created by mariggin on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2018 by Tinalbowser
  1. I am so happy  I am over 600 days quit.   I worked the 2-10 shift on Christmas Eve which I have not done in many years. Gosh, did that remind me of being a smoker.  I thought about going outside and finding a smoker to "borrow" a cigarette from.  I can't believe  I thought so strongly about smoking again.  I feel wonderful being a non smoker, but boy did I want to give in. I reminded myself how hard it was to come this far and I did not go out to smoke. I feel good, but less resolved based on the strength of that craving after many many months of no cravings.  Yikes, did that not feel good!  I came home from work and did not think about smoking again, even though I with other smokers.  I think I realized once again, how this is all about me.  I and only I came overcome this one day, one month,one year and only I can say no thank you even to myself.