Higher fasting blood sugar/cholesterol levels thru the roof...

Discussion created by reznyu on Dec 20, 2018
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Hi There,


I quit smoking cold turkey 103 days ago and am very exited I made it so far as I was a pack/day man for almost 35 years and been trying to quit many times, had many relapses, but finally feel that this one will stick !!!


About a week ago decided to do blood work just to see what is happening with me after I quit smoking. I had the same blood work done 6 and 12 month ago, so I can compare apples to apples. When the results came back I was shocked - my fasting sugar is now 104 vs 95 in previous tests, and cholesterol went from 260ish to 335. I've had 260 for many years and I do know it is pretty high, but 330 does scare me.. Since I quit smocking I gained 9 lb, my BMI is 25.1, so even after gaining weight, I am not really overweight... 


I've tried searching internet, but can't find any meaningful information. Has anyone experienced anything like that?


Thanks a lot