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Ask for my dad.

Question asked by TamborahH on Dec 19, 2018
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Since chantix is working well for me. I suggested it to my dad. He snojesfrom 10-15 cigarettes a day. He is 74 years "young" and I'd like to find a way for him begun taking chantix.  His Insurance, Medicare and Tricare (Navy retired) doesnt civer thethe prescript chantix in Florida where he lives the cost is averaged to be $479. I tried GoodRX where iIwas hoping it makes it reasonable but only offered a 18% discount. I'm super excited to see Him want to quit, making him healthier .Hes made a miraculous recovery from quadruplet bypass surgery of the heart. It's been 6 years . My dad has shared with me ,how proud he is of me and how he, too,would do anything to not feel the need for a cigarette .He's been trying to quit without help, And he doesn't have any interest to go on line for support. I'd like to direct him in ways to receive this medicine without it cosring so much. He has tried all the OTC products without success. I pray with my determination to quit, it will reenforce his confidence, and encourage him  .. if anyone has any suggestions, please share then so I can pass it on to my dad. 


God bless you .

Thanks, Tam