Heck week

Discussion created by Gwenivere on Dec 11, 2018
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I am now going into day 10 without a cigarette.  It feels like it is getting harder because I don’t feel much better.  I realize using NRT will prolong things.  Right now it’s hitting my digestion with a vengeance.  Don’t want to eat because I either feel too full or it’s painful races to the bathroom that don’t help.  I feel clumsy and the brain fog won’t lift.  I know it’s early in this journey.  Just so tired of waking up knowing it’s another day to battle on.  Winding up in the ER twice last week didn’t help my enthusiasm.  Where did you find motivation when you had no time to prepare?  I was forced into a cold quit in my hospital stay in August and then cut way down on cigs after release (my fault as I blew that window) til taking the plunge to end them. I know there’s no miracle answer, but maybe in another week I’ll find some relief?  I read so many felt better after a week.  That’s certainly not me.  I’m still as grumpy as ever.  I’ve got a sore throat now and hoping I’m not getting sick.  That’s the last thing I need with my COPD and hospital stay before.  


Ran into an interesting fact while perusing around.....smoking ramps up our energy use about 200 or more calories per day.  I’ve gained a couple pounds in the last month.  Guess it’s best to pass on the M&M's for a bit.  I buy raw baby carrots for my dogs and never ate them.   Not too bad actually.