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Question asked by Gwenivere on Nov 17, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Mike.n.Atlanta

Are there times when your body just refuses to adapt as it was doing to the lowering of nicotine?  When I was smoking, I dropped from over a pack a day to 15 relatively easy.  When I started my gradual quit, I dropped to 4 cigs and lozenges to equal the equivalent and that worked for a few weeks.  Now I have dropped to 3 cigs, sometimes less, and it’s like the withdrawl went into overdrive.  I get the sweaty feeling intensely.  Memory is shot. Don’t want to eat.  Even when I have a half cig it doesn’t stop or slow it down.  Only a lozenge will make it somewhat bearable.  This is a 1mg drop spread thru the day as I don’t smoke whole cigs ever, just a couple drags here and there and I was forgetting one which brought the allotment down.  One measly milligram can do this?