How Easy the Old Seduction Clasps us Back Into Slavery

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This was a bit of a back and forth on TracyB2's blog   5/17/16

(My question

I'm really curious, though, Tracy.  What made you pick up a cigarette again in 2015 after being smoke free for four years?  It's a passion of mine to try to understand WHY people relapse.  It's part of my way of keepig myself free.  Understanding why others go back to smoking.  ...

So help us all here.  And tell us your story, if you will.  What made you relapse?  Was there anything that gave you a "pause for thought" before you took that cigarette that got you hooked again?  Or was it the "oh it's been so long, I'll just have ONE" scenario?  Do you think you were aware of what you were doing and the dangers of the addiction, were you simply testing the waters, or were you not even remembering any of that and the fight you went through four years prior?  If you'd care to share any of that, I'd really like to hear it.

And how long have you been smoke free now?

(Her answer

My van broke down last august. I needed rides to work and my friend offered to help me. She is a chain smoker but I didnt think of anything because I had no desire to smoke. But after a couple times the craving hit me. I ignored it at first but then it became all I think about so I "bummed " a cigarette off my friend. That was all I had until a couple days later.I felt the craving so I bummed a cigarette. In my mind setting I must have forgot about the battle. I was bumming a cigarette every couple days for two weeks before I even realized it I was hooked. I was buying my own. At the time the only thing going through my mind was i quit once i can do it again. I can quit anytime. I dont intend on keeping smoking.I believe what made me relapse was suprise cravings that I would probably handled had i not been around my friend helped make the cravings worse. And was an easy way for me to get a hold of a cigarette. I started in august. Febuary 28th was my quit day I been on lozenges since.

So basically I was having a suprise craving and inatead of handling it like i usually do the fact that the cigarettes were right there and thay was on my mind was the reason i picked it up. I just thought i wouldnt get back into the cycle again. Or ill stop myself before I do. Or i thought quitting would be easy since i did it once