The Carrot and the Stick

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 17, 2018
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We all know the stick part - cancer sticks, COPD, heart disease, yadayadayada. But we seem to convince ourselves that it's the other poor unfortunate soul - not me!

But have you thought about what your carrot is? Maybe having extra money - a lot of extra money in your pocket is enough for you. Maybe having up to 2 hours and more of time is your incentive. It could be cosmetic - fewer wrinkles, whiter teeth, smelling better and that's good enough - or is it?

Whatever carrot you determine will get you through those cravings will probably mean the difference between success and failure in Smoking Cessation. 

I had both - a diagnosis of COPD that has now reached the severe stage - my stick. And my grandbabies - my carrot. I don't ever want my grandbabies to smell second hand smoke, to be exposed to third hand smoke - especially from grampa! Never! And I want to live as long as I can, God Willing, to enjoy my relationships of Family and Friends. I have to work at it harder than some and less hard than others. That's Life and every moment is worth it!

What are your carrots and sticks? Knowing the answer will give you something logical to think of when cravings defy logic and seem to push you relentlessly back to the Addiction. Careful Mental Preparation makes a world of difference.

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