Hurricanes and Your Forever Quit

Discussion created by IrishRose on Oct 12, 2018
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Preparing for a hurricane is a lot like preparing for your forever quit.  Your life and/or livelihood depend on just how well you prepare to protect yourself and your property.


Hurricane Michael has been the second storm, exactly one month from the first, Hurricane Florence, to miss us head on.  With both, we prepared the same way, because you never know the true route it will take as it barrels through.  Michael brought stronger winds and less rain to our area.  Lots of tree limbs to pick up this time around, but once again we were blessed.


This morning, we went outside to find a flower on one of the houseplants I hesitantly left on the front porch.  I left them outside, because one year awhile back when the houseplants were brought in, a baby copperhead snake was found on the kitchen floor.  It was a hatchling hiding in one of the plants. 


A present from nature left for us after the storm . . .


Irish Rose