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Do You Have People Ignoring Your Quit?

Question asked by Bellegonia on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by autumnpepper

My Honey has been ignoring my quit. I finally asked him the other night at dinner... why isn't he mentioning what it's like to live with a nonsmoker? Why isn't he telling me every day what a great job I'm doing? Isn't he proud of me?

He doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he is a daily THC user. I never got into THC. He said because he didn't want to "jinx" me... and that he is jelouse. It's funny because he's the one who told me that all I needed to quit was sheer will power. AND WE NEVER TALKED ABOUT SUPPORT EXPECTATIONS PRIOR TO THE QUIT. I find that really odd and funny now, looking from the back side. The other night we had a different conversation now that I can talk like a REAL QUITTER and not someone who's trying to quit... it was centered around the ADDICTION, JUNKIE TALK and how selfish a quit HAS to be. I realized that as nice as it would be to have him cheering me on all day, every day - it would get pretty annoying eventually and that this QUIT is a personal and exclusive, selfish journey.


What has your experience been?

What were you expecting from your loved ones?

What advise would you give them as to how best support you?