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It happens tomorrow.  My journey into the non-smoking world.  My plan is in place and quit kit ready.  My main support will be this community and the knowledge I've gained here.

I've made the decision to start the quit with nicotine patches.  I've read lots of differing opinions on this.  Some of you used it some didn't and I considered both sides.  My choice is to use the patches.  My reasoning is to deal with this addiction in two phases.  The first phase will be to deal with all the triggers. I live with someone who is still smoking so that's a big one in itself. I figure the patches will give me time to get a handle on that before I deal with withdrawals too.

So this is it.  I'll be doing the daily pledge starting tomorrow a.m.

I'm a little nervous  and can feel my addiction talking

already.  But my motto is going to be N.O.P.E. I hope you'll all be there for me.  I have a feeling I'm going to need you.