Potato Salad

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What triggers your best memory of potato salad?

I figured out mine when I made it this morning. the deviled egg taste

Here's this morning's recipe

5 med red potatoes cut bite size and cooked to tender (not falling apart)

4 hard boiled eggs

8 small sweet pickles cut in small pieces (not minced)

1 cup mayonnaise

Salt and pepper

6 T pickle juice

3 T yellow mustard

make sure everything is cooled to room temperature or lower before tossing.

chill for 2-3 hours


PS I nuked everything-Boiled eggs> 10 minutes covered with water and lots of salt and they don't crack while cooking.

Potatoes 20 minutes submerged in water at half power


I've also used less mayonnaise by substituting Italian dressing for half the mayonnaise and eliminating the mustard and pickle juice.


What is your favorite recipe?