three weeks and one day

Discussion created by Tdcm on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by Giulia

ive hit my three week  mark yall !! so far no slips, I did call my boyfriend this morning having an emotional break down though! I'm so emotional I don't know how I feel from one minute to the next , for the most part I'm happy and excited and so so proud of my self, but then I get sad because I really still miss my Marlboro even just seeing the pack setting close to me I miss, I feel like I'm forgetting something everywhere I go, and then I get angry , so angry at this addiction that I ever let it get this bad. but for the better part I walked out into the shop here at work where we smoke or should I say THEY smoke to give someone a message  and the smell about knocked me out I realized how awful the cigarette smoke smelled I felt like it got all over my fresh tobacco free cloths lol.. and then I also noticed my taste buds yesterday I went to eat some pickles and oh my gosh they were sooo salty and the juice about choked me it was so strong but they were yummy !! my fingernails are so pretty yall I'm really proud of my hands . my friends say my skin is glowing I don't know if its really glowing or if they are just trying to make me feel good about my quit .. but its working .. I don't really feel much healthier yet , but I'm certain that I am .. thanks for letting me tell my three week story .. good luck to all of us fighting the good fight to leave this addiction in the past ..