8 Steps to Quitting

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1.  Think about why you smoke.

     It may sound silly, but really thing about the 'whys'.  Ultimately, you smoke because you're addicted but do you smoke when you are bored?  Anxious?  Angry?  Knowing why can help you understand how to change your habits, responses to life, and how to make better choices.


2. Write down all your reasons to quit.

    Even the silly reasons,  Even the scary ones. Write down all your reasons!  Do you want to smell better?  You want less dental problems?  You want to save your clothes?  Hate your wrinkles?  Every reason to quit is a good reason to quit!


3.  Decide how to quit.

     Do you want to use the patches?  Gum?  Are you interested in Chantix?  Decide on how you want to quit.  NRTs can help ease the withdrawals and help you through the craves.  If you just want to get to nicotine free, you may decide cold turkey (or 'smart turkey') is best for you.  It's your decision because it's your quit!


4.  Prepare yourself for withdrawals, cravings, and temptations.

     They are part of quitting so understand they will happen.  And when we say they come out of no where so be prepared, trust me.  They come out of the blue sometimes and can take you by surprise.  Instead of feeling weak or tempted, nod to yourself and say, "Oh, there you are.  I was waiting for you".  Acknowledge it, drink some ice water (or however you want to cope with it), and let it go.  Thoughts cannot hurt you and cannot hurt your quit!


5.  Find support from doctors, counselors, and family.

     It's helpful to get that support from professionals.  When questions arise, you can ask those who are trained to know your body and mind!  Your family can cheer you on and distract you when needed as well   Remember, family doesn't always mean blood related.  Your family includes all who love you!


6.  Set your quit date.

     Finished with the first 5 of this list?  It's time to set your date.  You may, if you are taking Chantix or another medication, choose a date that corresponds with your medication.  You may choose a date that has a personal meaning to you.  You may just decide to go for it because setting it too far out makes you too nervous.  It's your quit done at your time.  You are in charge!


7,   Change your routine.

     From the moment you get up in the morning to the times you go to bed, your routine used to revolve around your smoking so it's important for you to change that routine.  If you used to smoke first thing in the morning, maybe you can go for a walk or do some stretching exercises.  Coffee with your cigarette?  Maybe you want to switch to tea or ice water.  Again, your quit, your choices.  Any routine can be changed.  In 21 days they can become habit and in 90 days they can become lifestyle changes (meaning they are an automatic go-to).  Have fun with this because it's not a bad thing!


8.  Avoid situations that might tempt you.

     Alcohol is usually a VERY bad idea when your quit is young.  Hanging with your smoking friends during a 'smoke break' at work also may be a bad idea.  If it's tempting, don't do it right now.  Take good care of you and your precious quit!  No more 'day 1', no more 'slips', no more having to think about quitting again!


I hope this helps   It's the first time I ever gave advice that didn't include 'feel good' emotions so this is new to me.  I always try to stretch myself but I have to admit, this is not comfortable for me, so I will leave you with this as well:

~~The trick is to enjoy life.  Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.~~  Marjorie Pay Hinkley