Day 6 and a question

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jul 28, 2018
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I didn't have time to check in this morning, so here I am, finally! Day 6 is almost in the bag, but I definitely needed to come here and read/write and strengthen my quit. 


I had a volunteer activity this morning with the local police department. I was around people who do not smoke and was busy as heck for several hours. After, my sister (who does still smoke) and I went out to lunch. She was getting ready to light up in the car and apologized before doing it. I told her to go on and smoke and not worry about it, that I have to live in the real world. My thoughts after that as she lit up and smoked were focused on the smell (like yesterday) and how I'm not real happy that I smelled like that. I'm not holier than though or passing judgment; I'm not that way. I do like not smelling like cigarette smoke anymore though!


My question - when I got up this morning, my gums hurt a little. Is that something y'all have felt? I'm not brushing more, but I am assaulting my gums less by not smoking. Are the tissues getting used to their new environment? 


One more thing. I missed my coffee this morning and am having it now. Look at me change up my routine.


I'm still putting a hurtin' on my quit smoking rock. I put them on eBay for others saying to make me an offer, that I don't want to make money, just want to cover postage. I'm almost at the point where I'd be willing to pay postage. I'm sure when I'm further into my quit, I'll be willing to do that. Lawd. I'm rambling.


So, good morning Exers, even though it's really almost evening time. Here's to more smoke-free days and nights ahead.