Guess it’s finally time

Discussion created by hattonc on Jul 20, 2018
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So this week I was out of work due to bronchitis.. I guess.. once we got that wave of African dust I came down with severe chest cold, congestion, wheezing.. it’s made me force myself to quit smoking .. I have broken the last 2 quit dates .. but I don’t give up on visiting this site and reading blogs.. cigarettes have been my go to for every time I’m angry or sad etc.. . so much going on in my life but it’s gotten to the point that it’s out of hand and has to stop !  I haven’t had a flare up like this in a couple of years so it’s scaring me enough to really want to.. I just need to practically live on this site for encouragement... last time I thought I was strong enough I quit for over 2 years then started back again .. so you all will be hearing from me frequently!!  Thanks for listening..