Awesome Pesto !

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Jun 24, 2018
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Pics coming but we LOVED this. Thanks Giulia Now I am going to have to plant tons more basil because I didn’t hVe much planted and I love the idea from Giulia to freeze this. I made the first small batch exactly how G said too then on the second batch I added a can of drained diced tomatoes with onion and pepper. Wow I love it, we love it. Here’s the pics....the dogs were not as excited as I was, lol


So the pic above is first batch

Above is the second batch

Two small containers...thus the need for more basil plants.

Two bored dogs that could really give a rip about my pesto...or my music selection of David Bowie at the time, lol


Ps.....I wonder if adding spinach would taste ok if your short on basil ? May need to try that as well #@@