The Power of Cigarette Advertising

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on May 31, 2018
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WARNING:  If you are new in your quit and are triggered by seeing someone smoke - do NOT watch the following video.  When I first quit I found it very difficult seeing people smoking.  You will see a lot of it in these advertisements.  And they are also doing everything they can to promote smoking.  So just be aware.  And seriously, don't watch if your quit is very fragile, this is not for you.  


But for those who have a strong quit in hand I wanted to put the video up to show how powerful cigarette advertising was and how it influenced us as kids. Those of us of a certain generation anyway.  I find it interesting that when I think back on the shows, I don't recall the advertising particularly, nor any of the TV stars promoting the cigarettes.  But I do remember the slogans.  Powerful stuff.


Amazing how we were brainwashed into thinking this was pleasurable, sexy and good for us.