Update Low Dose CT Scan for lung cancer screening.

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Hi there.  Your friendly LDCT enforcer here, with my latest results from follow up on my lung cancer.


As noted in this thread Low dose CT scan for lung cancer screening, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in February of 2017, after a suspicious nodule was found on the Lung Cancer Screening CT many of you have seen or read about.


It, was small, just about 1 cm., (i.e. 10 mm.) and would probably not have been picked up on regular chest x-ray until it had gotten bigger, giving it more time to metastasize and spread to lymph nodes, brain, bones and other body organs.


As it was, I was fortunate to have it found so early and small, and no metastases were found.  I was treated with SABR (stereotactic ablative body radiation).... as my radiation oncologist called it a 'fancy shmancy linear accelerator machine", had no residuals, went to dinner that night, no chemo afterward, and have been fine since.


I had PET and CT Scan on Monday and visit with Doc today & it was considered my "anniversary" even though a bit longer (only because of appointment scheduling).  My lungs are still nodular, with nodules that come and go with what the Doc says he calls "COPD nodules".  They pop up and go away. and I did have an illness last month that left some infectious looking nodules also, and a little pneumonia in one lobe >>>GASP<<< (I didn't realise!!)... I'm gradually getting better from that so no treatment required.


Anywhooo... I don't have to see him again for SIX MONTHS, and only a regular CT scan required (no PET) as he doesn't see anything of concern to follow more closely!!!  YAY.


As I said above, NED is really most sincerely dead, dead as a doornail, deader than dirt  .  (Named NED for what one doctor said after exam, meaning No Evidence of Disease... I like that!!)


GET YOUR LOW DOSE CT Screening if you smoke or have smoked in the last 15 years.  It can make a huge difference in diagnosis and treatment if you develop lung cancer!