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Constantly out of breath

Question asked by RHRS on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Strokeinthefamily

Hey guys, quick Q - I'm on my 51st smoke-free day (yay to me!) and as the days go by, I find myself having more out-of-breath episodes. I had my annual physical a couple weeks ago and results came normal - a bit high cholesterol and liver numbers, but nothing a good diet and more water can't fix - and my doctor gave me a stronger allergy medication and upped my inhaler use. I used to have Asthma, so I wonder if it's coming back, or it's just a normal process of my lungs cleaning themselves. I'm exercising 3X week with a trainer but these are intense workouts and yes and I expect to be out of breath during training. 


My question is, has anyone had respiratory issues after quitting? Or is it my anxiety?


Thank you.