How to Make Gardening Easier!

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Apr 15, 2018
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I was posting earlier in the Let's Get Moving 2018  blog but thought the rest of what I had to say there would be more appropriate here. 


Was talking about as we we get older and less able to weed on our knees that I've learned to sit on my butt and weed.    Am also using more tool, less wrist.  Wish I'd discovered this tool 10 years ago.  It's brilliant. I feel like a tomahawk thrower when I'm doing an overhead thrust deep down into the earth with it full force.  Great way to get out stress!  I also, oddly enough, think of men with their legs apart doing the same thing.  I mean if I had penis I'd definitely give it second thoughts!  As I'm smashing this thing down pretty close to my spread-eagled private parts I do have an inkling of what their experience might be doing the same thing.   lol


I've broken at least three of them by pulling their heads off when pulling up sod and weeds.  OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!  Course I did purchase them at Aldi's.  So far the one my husband got me for a birthday present last hasn't broken - yet!  lol


Image result for double garden hand hoe


Usually  I use this straight, simple shafted digger below.  But in our former home we lived on shale, and here we live on clay.  They're both hideous and require brute strength to get through the ground.   

Image result for Weeder


Though this next one saves the wrist a lot of torque - it doesn't get down as far as I'd like.  Wish they'd extended the prong to the thong, if you know what I mean you gardeners.  


Flexrake CLA329 Classic Dandelion Weeder


Anyway, I'm 90% finished with the veg. garden.  There are so many amazing weeds... from the carpet-like HIDEOUS clover to the dig-deep dandelion, to the you-better-get-it-out before it takes over Buttercup.  And forget it when the tree seeds send up their saplings.  Get a plier.


Anybody have any neat gardening tools that save you time and bodily injury?  Also are there any gardening gloves out there that last more than 6 months?