~Keep Your Sunny Side Up~

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Keep Your Sunny Side Up

There's one thing to think of when you're blue,
There are others around much worse off than you!
If a load of troubles should arrive,
Laugh and say, "It's great to be alive!";

And keep your sunny side up, up,
Hide the side that gets blue.
If you have nine sons in a row,
Baseball teams make money, you know!

Keep your funny side up, up,
Let your laughter come through, do!
Stand up on your legs,
Be like two fried eggs,
Keep your sunny side up!

Life can be a pleasure or a pain,
Good or bad, successful or in vain;
Happiness is just a point of view,
If you have it here's the thing to do;

Keep your sunny side up, up,
Drown a frown with a smile.
If you think it's raining for you,
Just remember, others are blue.

Always look for the bright side,
Start the day on the right side;
You'll find life worthwhile,
Learn to wear a smile,
Keep your sunny side up!
Be Like Two Fried Eggs!
Keep Your Sunny Side,
Keep Your Funny Side,
Keep Your Sunny Side Up!