Quit Tokens

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by PRAIRIEROSELADY

This thought occurred to a while back when I saw a AA token.



Thought they were rather special.  So I called a company (Wendells) who makes coins/medallions to find out about pricing to create a BecomeAnEx Quit coin.  Don't know how much Legacy has in the budget for such things, but I wanted to see if anybody would be interested.  We could put NOPE on the front or back, Smoke Free, or... whatever.  There's a minimum order of 100 plus the die cast fee per side.  Nicotine Anonymous has it's own coin.  Just a thought.  Would you be willing to shell out a couple of bucks (less than the cos of a cigarette pack) for one if they were available?