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SPENT THE LAST 2 DAYS GETTING READY TO LEAVE SOUTHERN TX. Head back north to my home base of ND. I re-figured the mileage and was off. It is approximately 1620 miles. Will spend tomorrow, with laundry,cleaning the fridge. Hauling last of garbage. Double checking the list of last minute to-do's.

Gathering up all the suitcases and packing up the PC. There are 2 storms out there. Take 1 long day to make it out of TX. Driver is hoping, we can make it home between the 2 storms. We won't drive on ice,snow or in blizzard conditions. May end up spending an extra day,along the way, sitting for a break and clear roads.


Driver wants to be on the road by 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. 1st. day won't be a problem weather wise. Went to exercise class this morning. Put on 12,000 plus steps today.... I'm Beat! All the lifting to pack things. Put stuff away in the winter place...I've been nervous today and had more cravings. Held my ground and used a couple mini nic lozenges. I am worried about the Driver smoking in her SUV. Lots of prayers please for extra strength. So, I can hold my ground. Due to weather predictions,makes me even more nervous about this return trip.

Mazy is keeping her eyes on her stuff,her crate, the suitcases and odds and ends. I've packed a big bag of snacks to keep my mouth busy. I have my Kindle to read. I have an afghan started to work on. I hope to be able to peck out messages on my phone. The letters are so small,it is difficult. All the lifting my back and hip are already revved up and chronic pain is climbing. Still having issues with waking up in middle of the night,when I retire early and not being able to settle into a sound sleep again. Dozy, until I give up and get up. Mazy got us up at 5a.m. this morning gagging! I don't know, if she was to wrap up in her blanket to tight,laid wrong or her tummy was upset. I gave up and got up at 6 a.m. I will probably be keeping that schedule until home.


I have my ther-a-band in my purse to use in motel. Fuel stops to stretch out and exercise a few major muscle groups. Goal is to keep the chronic pain from climbing too much on day 1. As each day after that is tougher.......

Worse case scenario, I'll hook up my pain unit and take a pain pill. I just read the GPS and my girlfriend does the driving. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there fellow Exer's. This will probably be my

Biggest Challenge with my Journey. Pray I am successful!!!!! MY girlfriend is 4 or 5 yrs. younger and has been very supportive of my Quit. Pray she holds the smoking down. I'm thinking it will give me a headache. If, I can make it home without cracking,my hubby will do whatever it takes, to help me level out once again. I think the extra cravings today were triggered by Stress and Fatigue........Also 30 days is rolling around pretty soon. Bringing that NML the Elders speak of........


Please leave your suggestions, encouragement and prayers.. I'll check in when I can,through out Saturday... 

Even come comic relief would be appreciated. Mazy is very good while traveling. She gets bacterial colitis triggered by stress and anxiety. She does well with the traveling.... Just want to know where her auto,crate,driver and grandma are at all times.I do carry her medications all the time,just in case.

We've done well...only had episode 1st. yr. here. Mexican fireworks sound like artillery. They last way to many hours at a time and too many days..... This year weather was wet and nasty...Not so many and she did fine. Most of the pups in our Senior Community do not like them........ Sorry I am to bushed too do alot of comments tonight. As I sit here and relax,I will read as many posts as I can.

May God Keep You and Bless You All, Prairie 25 DOF


BTW- the other major stress today was hearing that a middle school child, at our home base, came 

to school with a gun. We don't have the details yet.....Most upsetting to all of us.........Another reason for not delaying our return to home. Pray for all the parents and children growing up in this chaos we now face everyday........