I was following some backchannel threads on the net

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One mentioned CORONA being secured. Well, I only live about 70 miles from Corona so I started looking up military bases near Corona.

Naval Sea Systems Command > Home > Warfare Centers > NSWC Corona 

That search takes me to this:

And that lake on the right is Lake Norconian.

Well I've never heard of such a place and I've lived in California all my life.

(No internet back then)

I had heard of Norco.

One of the Eagles had a stay at the prison and wrote a song about it.  :-)


There was this fantastic resort built by a chicken farmer that drew all the movie stars until the Great Depression struck, and it went under. After Pearl Harbor, the resort was turned into a hospital and the injured soldiers recovered there. Later it became a historic monument and later, a prison. What a history. :-)


If you want to know why I'm researching intelligence information?

With the shananigans going on in the FBI and everyone stepping down, there's a lot of chatter online and it's fascinating.

I'm trying to get smarter as to what's going on behind the scenes in our government.

The shadow government is being brought into the light and it's amazing to watch it unfold before the media gets it.