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My Sister

Question asked by smokenomorelpj on Dec 12, 2017
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I wanted to ask a question regarding my beloved sister. I just woke from a really bad dream about her. She smokes and over the holidays, I want to speak with her about it. It is difficult because I'm only off 64 days, so I'm still struggling, and I don't want to appear as if I'm lecturing her. I hated that myself. I had a friend who lived with me briefly, and at the time I smoked. I grew to dislike him because of his arrogant attitude about my smoking, especially since he was  a former smoker and current drinker (and he could drink). I don't want her to feel this way about me.


My sister has the ability to ignore you well. She will say, "yes, you are right...I'm going to quit". But, I know she won't. She won't go to therapy either, and I know she needs this as well.


Do you suggest I speak to her about the smoking? If so, how do I broker the conversation? I want to introduce her to this site but I'm unclear how. She has two great kids, but she, as most of us, is lonely and stubborn to the core.