My harmless cigarette 4 week quit kit - update

Discussion created by tommy88 on Nov 25, 2017
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Hey guys, hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I just wanted to share a quick update on my journey so far for all that have been asking! I got the 4 week harmless cigs quit kit package and started using them together with nicoderm patch on my quit date which was Nov 1, it's now about 2 and 1/2 weeks already and im going strong and havnt had a smoke since. Even though i have tired to cut straws in the past these seem to work since they actually feel and look like a real cigarette so when i use then when i get cravings it helps distract me from wanting to smoke which is why I think it's great. I think its a ot more likely to work better if you use together with a nrt product like i am with the patch. but overall I like that the cigarettes are extremely light and feel nice to hold, the patch helps me with the nicotine withdrawal and this helps me stop cravings for the hand to mouth action when I feel like I'm getting a crave to smoke. So far all i can say is that its a blessing and i am feeling great now not smoking. this is just my experience with them #harmlesscigarette and I must say it really is a wonderful tool to use.! but everyone has their own tips and tool but the main thing is as long as you stop smoking thats all that counts and wish good luck to all out there.   Thank you to everyone for all you support and advice! I am so forever grateful and thankful to all of you!

G-d Bless!