Discussion created by Phil25 on Nov 8, 2017

I’m back again. My quit date is the day after my birthday. Buying patches tomorrow and sticking them on.

Ive done this before. And it was a struggle but I know I can do it. I know that smoking will curb my drinking. And other things I’ve taken habbit to that I am not happy to discuss via blog.

To be honest, I’ve been using a rescue inhaler to open up my airways every morning. It’s gotten out of hand. I’m going to rely on you all a lot.

This weekend a friend told me, “you can only take care of you”. I’ve been on a destructive path for years now. I don’t want this life anymore. I want to feel alive and live my life again. I’m 34 years old, have constant chest pain and find it hard to breathe. It makes me sad to think to quit. But need strength and will power. So any form of support is appreciated.