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I've heard about the Antifa planning insurrection on the 4th for awhile but I had not heard of the government's countermeasure until this morning. There were rumors beginning in August that Antifa has the intention to overthrow our government next weekend, Nov 4-6

In response to this, The Department Of Defense is doing a simulation of what would happen if a giant solar flare shut down our power grid and communications.

I haven't heard anything about power going out.


I believe they are doing this to block Antifa's ability to organize through social media and prevent some of the violence. Antifa's stated intention is to take out law enforcement first by violence from what I've read.

I heard they weren't going to be dressed in black so they don't tip off the police. What does a wall of shouting people coming towards you mean?  :-)


So, if this simulation is true, there may be no cell or landlines, and no internet connectivity. Plan Ahead.


DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November | Zero Hedge 

Communications Interoperability Training with Amateur Radio Community Set 


  (I have no idea if this will really happen but, just in case)


I Suggest Printing Out Or Saving Any Information To Your Device That Will Help You Stay Quit.


Here are the frequencies you can listen to whats going on through the organization in the second link above.

It's Daylight Savings Time Next Sunday