Purpose of this group

Discussion created by pir8fan on Jan 9, 2014

Good morning all! I created this group a while back so that people who share the bond of quitting as a New Year's Resolution would be able to come together.

This web site provides awesome levels of education and support for all of our members! The intent of this group is not to replace that, but to provide an area where those of us with the common bond of being a "resolution quitter" can discuss what we are learning, ask questions of one another, and draw strength from each other!

I see many come here to introduce themselves! Welcome! You should also write a blog to introduce yourselves to the community! There is a vast storehouse of knowledge at this site! The people who share that hang out in the blogs! That should be our primary resource! Then we can come here and discuss what we have read! We can share the things that we find motivational, and question the thinks that do not sound right!

Again WELCOME all, and Happy Smoke Free New Year!!                    Tommy