Slip or Relapse?

Discussion created by roller831 Champion on Oct 9, 2017
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I've seen a few posts about someone smoking again after quitting and it got me thinking...

What is the difference between a slip and a relapse?  Does it matter when it comes to smoking and nicotine?

By definition, a slip, also which can also be known as a lapse, is a situation where someone has a very brief “slip” where they smoke or use nicotine after giving it up, but they stop quickly afterward, avoiding a full relapse into addiction. Usually, this happens when a person decides to use again but instantly regrets the decision.

Some people have a simple slip up, where they use but immediately return to recovery and it often strengthens their will to stay quit. Others allow a slip to turn into a full-blown relapse or even a total downward spiral with no escape in sight.

The word relapse actually stems from Latin meaning: to slip back. This is used as a designation for someone who has been quit and fell back into smoking/nicotine use .

Their length of freedom can vary from a week to a month or several years and has no defined time frame. The basis of a relapse is when someone who was in recovery for any amount of time returns to their old ways and old habits.

Typically, a slip is extremely short lived and does not take away from someone’s motivation to stay quit and recover from their addiction. In fact, it can often fuel their decision to get back on track and stay there. Knowing that a slip is something you can quickly recover from can help an addict get back on their feet in recovery quickly.

What are your thoughts on the subject?