The Mind Can Do Amazing Things If We Don't Limit It.

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      I wrote this song in 1978.

      What makes it unusual was it was the first song I ever wrote in my sleep and, from that point forward, over half of my songs have been written while I slept.

      Let me explain what I mean by that.

      I go to bed with an idea somewhere in my subconscious and I wake up with all the words and all the music complete.

      When I pick up my guitar for the very first time the next day, the only change might be the key might need to be changed for me to sing it.

      Is it a miracle? I don't think so. I think it must happen in the dream state of sleep. We all go into the dream state when we sleep.

      My brother (on keyboards) and I wrote a lot of music projects together.

      We happened to rebuild a studio in Hollywood and the owner was bartering part of our pay in studio time.

This was one of the songs we recorded.  (I'd guess 1980)  

"Let My Love Put You Under"   

Don't limit yourself with your own thinking.

Quitting Smoking Is Just Another Step On Your Journey.