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Discussion created by Lalankford88 on Jul 26, 2017
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Hey everyone!! Tomorrow is my first day of quitting and im already getting bad anxiety about it and building myself up nervously. I have tried to quit in the past and i never went through with it. A lot of my family smokes. All if my sisters smoke and there the ones that got me started 15 years ago. Im a stay at home mom with 4 boys, and that right there is a big stress!! They keep me on my toes all day and stress me out quite a bit with the fighting and yelling and being hyper 24/7. So i always run to my cigarettes. And when there napping i have time to myself and i go straight outside to sit and smoke a couple of cigarettes. I dont know what else to do because i do all my duties around the house in the mornings or at night before and then i have nothing to do once the kids are settled. Im so bored majority of the time and so i smoke. When im upset or stressed about something I smoke. I turn to cigarettes for everything like itll make everything better and obviously it doesnt change anything except calm me down for 30 minutes and its back to being bored or irritated. I just really need motivation and help from anyone that can help me crush this habit. Im sick of smoking and i want to be here for my boys a long time and dont want cigarettes to be the cause of something happening to my life. So please any advice or encouragemnet will help. TIA!!