What to do when you wake up and want one?

Discussion created by coreinstincts_101 on Jul 22, 2017
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My last and first relapse started when I got out of bed that morning and my brain and body were saying "The Heck with this! Why are you doing this to yourself when you don't have to?" I caved so fast it wasn't funny, I did reach out and argued with my roommate about having a cigarette for a half hour via text message I told him: "F" It I was going to smoke; he gave in to me way to easily and said fine I can't stop you smoke your life away. right now I have almost a full carton of Smokers Choice cigarettes sitting in my filing cabinet and know that I could have one anytime I wanted and I don't want it. My relapse lasted 12 days and now I am back to not smoking but I am not going cold turkey this time. The Point of this is what happens if I come across this trigger again? This is an out of the blue trigger and I think it is also part of my original depression. I have to be careful here when I sleep a lot that tells me depression is lurking around the corner and I am already taking enough meds for that!