Good Morning, Checking In

Discussion created by 12Finally34 on Jul 14, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


Still trying to figure out how to go to each person's blog and say thank you.  I feel really awkward navigating this system.  


Anyway, these feelings are not my reality.  I am just checking in to discuss what I learned and what i am doing.


I went without cigarettes from 5PM to 8:17 AM this morning.  My trigger is going straight to store - have to change pattern and sit with that desperate urge when it comes over me.  


I read, haven't returned to Carr yet; however, I am educating myself with the different materials.  Thanks for the COPD and sleep apnea articles.  It is nice to know that while I may get a good night sleep, it still doesn't prevent heart attack and stroke - so I must continue with reading the low sodium and sugar eating.  I missed my heart specialist appointment but will see him on the 19.  


The article about what to expect was helpful and writing the 'Dear John' letter.   I am on summer vacation and I sort of wishing that I was at work because I spoke only 4 cigarette (two at lunch and two on the way to the subway).  At home I am like a rebellious child and smoking like there is no tomorrow.  Then the shame and guilt takes over because I am trying to kill the smoke from the neighbors who says it comes through the walls and windows.  I have their support and they are my cheerleaders.  


Have a great day everyone!




PS hope when I quit I will not be chattering like I feel I am doing now.