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When did Jive go into Auto Censuring Mode?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2017 by Sootie

So far it seems rather arbitrary and silly in it's choices.  Genitalia is ok but specifics aren't.  Breast and tittes are ok, but **** (rhymes with tube isn't, EVEN if you use zeros for the double oo).  Pussycat is ok but only if the cat is included.  Test-i-cle,  is not ok even if you spell it wrong (cal or cle), but with hyphens it's dandy, but not p3nis (though tool, wang, dong, prick gonads and balls are allowed.)    Excrement is okay but not it's four-letter variety.   F*nny is outlawed but derriere is permitted.  I guess the French make it special!  (Then what happens when we want to refer to our dear friend on here who passed away by that same name?  Will it just appear with 5 asterisks instead?)  A-hole is all right but only if the hyphen is there.  So I guess we'd better mind our Ps and Qs from now on or become very clever with our hyphens!