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Anyone else keeping their quit kind of a secret?

Question asked by TW517 on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by elvan

Obviously you can't keep it secret for long, and not at all to people you interact with daily.  But I'd rather not broadcast it to everyone I know.  Or even bring it up to anyone.  If someone asks, I'll let them know I've quit and ask them not to make a big deal about it.


This is the 6th time I've quit.  Four of the times I told everyone, and was smoking again within weeks or days.  The time I quit for 11 months, I didn't tell a soul.  I'm not saying I started again those other times because I told people.  But I find the less I'm reminded of what I'm doing, the easier it is for me.  Just now, a well-meaning co-worker asked me when I returned from lunch how I was holding up.  Of course, she had to go on about how hard it was for her that first year, especially after having a meal, etc., etc.  Gee thanks, I was actually doing OK until you brought this up.  That interaction was bad enough.  I really don't want my social media feeds and text messages reminding me all day long, no matter how well meaning.


Research supposedly says telling everyone is the best way.  Not sure I agree.  What are your experiences?