The Right Questions

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Asking the right questions at our Doctor's appointments is critical to our well-being and use of limited resources. I bring a little notebook with questions written down. I also bring my Wife or a Friend to help me listen carefully to any advice that may be old news to the Dr. but never occurred to me. After all, they do and say this every day and their By the Ways can be chockfull of valuable info! I also ask for all test results - not just conclusions the tests themselves and clinical notes from every exam. It helps me determine what the Dr thought was noticeable. 

Here is a list of some questions to ask: 

I found out just how important these questions are when I found out I was using the Spiriva Respimat dispenser - with no medicine inside for a Month! WOW! The med aide showed me how to use the dispenser but forgot to explain how to load the med into the dispenser. I just wrongly thought that the dispenser came loaded! 

Your pharmacist is a resource of valuable info as well so even if you think you know, let him/her explain how to use your new medications. They often share stuff that the Dr and or nurse may not even know. It's important to take several meds in a specific order so we need to get these things right.

Knowledge is Power!