There is nobody looking, tell me what would you do?

Discussion created by BryantD on Jun 15, 2017
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Ok,,tell me what happens when you get the urge to smoke, only because it is a habit, and the triggers never really go away, you just learn to subdue them? Well here it is I am in a room and my best friend is smoking.  I usually smoke with him as we talk and about talking, about nothingnext to smomething that could be important.  The trigger was the entire situation. What do I do with my hands? What do I do about the stinky smell that is all too familiar, but none the less I want to join in. Do I tell my friend to put the cigarette out? Do I just walk away? Do I grab a cigarette and join in? In this case tell me what would you do.. there is no right or wrong answers so be brutally honest, what would you do?