WOW NEWBIES TOGETHER is one of the 3 most popular blogs on EX!!!

Discussion created by schoney50 on May 1, 2013
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Just got a notification to check out the home page of EX...this blog is one of the 3 top blogs out of over 11,000 blogs on this website...thank you for reading my thoughts and adding yours...together we are so successful!!! The most important thing is that we are drawing new people to the easy steps EX has created to quit smoking and stay NON smokers!!!  By supporting each other, sharing daily thoughts and stories, we bring the idea of NOT SMOKING ever again down to a size we can process and actually accomplish!

 I am on DAY 36 and no one is more excited or pleased than I am to NOT be dependant on cigarettes anymore.  I want to tell everyone I know how to quit...tell them to share it with everyone they know and spread the message that going on EX and signing up for FREE is the way to get your life back!

I spent last week having the first vacation of my adult life without cigarettes...even though the food was great (New York area) the company fun and we did a lot of just talking with my Dad and relaxing I did not gain weight...I did not get lazy and I DID NOT SMOKE ONE CIGARETTE!!!  The best vacation ever!!

I am so proud of the progress I made in just over a month and knowing that I don't need cigarettes makes me smile every time I think of it...cravings are gone..replaced by the knowledge that no matter how stressed or tired or hungry  or angry I am ....smoking won't do a thing to change those feelings...I have learned that a simple thing like taking deep breaths can calm me...focus me and give me a clearer picture of why I quit clouding my life with cigarette is great and living it smoke free is amazing!!!

Help each other and write to me..keep in touch..together all of us can be celebrating our future without cigarettes...the only way to enjoy life!


Barbara in SC (Schoney50)