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Welcome to jlynn, msgardengirl320, Julie,  pepere, mmo050611# and drama90212...and thanks legend for stopping by with your funny story of the day you quit...Our little group is growing because of the wonderful friendly supportive members who had joined together to help each other quit smoking...some of you are only smoking a few years..others like me have smoked most of their lives...but we all are starting at QUIT DAY 1.

We love to celebrate with each other every day that passes without lighting up...some have even taking up my silly idea of a victory dance...of course I am the only one who has seen me dance in my house,,..but it sure feels good!!!  Today is DAY 24 for me!!!  I stopped using the Nicotrol inhaler after the first few days...I found that I didn't feel the need to use it..and for a few days I actually forgot that I had it!!!  NOT SMOKING feels soooo good..breathing deep breaths has become my new can do it anywhere..and it costs nothing..AND the money you save by not buying cigarette buys you nice things.....I treat myself once a week with something little just to celebrate that my $ is  not going up in smoke anymore!!!

As I have told you I am going on my first non smoking vacation in my life since I was a little girl with my husband of 43 years and my Dad who is 88 years old..they are so proud that I no longer smoke.  I intend to make this a fun time for all of us!

Keep in touch with each other..and I will check in as soon as I get back...stay healthy, calm...and keep taking deep breaths...NO MORE frees you like you never would is great when you are not walking in a cloud of smoke.


Barbara inSC  (Schoney50)