Day 3 of bring a non smoker

Discussion created by speggs26505 on Apr 23, 2013
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Hey Guys, They finally got my blog to work. But today makes day 3 since i havent had a cig. The first day i thought was going to be rough. I started using my lozenges thinking they would taste like a mint but they didnt. So before my quit day i bought gum and mints to help with the urges. So i didnt have a smoke all day on my first day so i rewarded my self with a smoothe. Day 2 was alittle better. still having some urges but the lozenges im getting use to and still chewing and sucking on mits and gum. During that day i started noticing itching all over my body. So i called my coach for non smoking and he said that it could be a withdrawl from the nicotine. So on the 2nd day  i rewarded my self again with a piece of cheese cake. plus driving is becoming easier now since im not smoking that was my big down fall. And today day 3 i feel better than i have in a long while. I can breathe easier, i can do things with out pausing an say i need a smoke. So for now im doing good and proud of my self. Hopefully I can keep it up.