Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Nov 3, 2011

WHERE to copy it.  Well, I’m assuming most people have some kind of word processing program.  So you would put it in a file there.  OR, you could copy it to your clipboard, I suppose, OR, you could probably copy it and paste it into an email to save or send to yourself.

HOW to COPY:  There are several methods possible depending upon what you want to copy.  If it's a blog, for example, hold down the left mouse button while you drag your mouse down to the bottom of the blog.  If you want to include the comments too, just keep on moving your cursor down to the bottom of the page.  Then release your mouse button.  (What you see highllighted will be copied.  If it''s not highlighted, it won't be copied.)  Then you can either a) click the CTRL button (bottom left on your keyboard) then the letter "C" (lowercase), or b) right click your mouse and select "copy."

If you want to copy your page, go to your page at the top under your avatar and click on “Edit Profile.”   When the edit profile page comes up, put your cursor  at the top of it (in the box under  the ‘about me’ and B I U...symbols) and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse down to the bottom of the page.  If it doesn’t highlight everything, try again until it does.  Once everything is highlighted (let go the mouse), hold down the  control button on your keyboard (CTRL - usually bottom left) and click the C (letter C - lowercase is fine) - then release both.  You’ve now copied it. 

HOW to Paste.  Choose where you’re going to put the information (paste).  Mine I put in my word processing program.  Open a new page, press Control (CTRL) and the V button (letter v) as described above.  It should appear.  Then save it.