Think Think Think

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 10, 2018

Please take what helps and let go of the rest to be helpful is MY only aim thank you! Please remember I am talking about ME not anyone else thank you!  I was taught over 30 YEARS ago to Think Think Think.... MY first thought is MY old way of Think! MY next thought is MY many many old and NEW seeds of this NEW life thoughts mixed and with a HUGE reminder.... NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME....with many PAST rushing thoughts of OLD NICOTINE AS A SOLUTION to make ALL the thoughts to STOP!!!! I was taught this is the SECOND Think which is called.....stinking this middle of the SECOND Think is MY many many MIXED UP thoughts feelings of OLD and NEW choices choices choices! The next Think this NEW 3rd Think which these many many NEW Gods agape thoughts for ME ....always are whispered thoughts... so soft ... so gentle... so soothing that happens so peacefully .... the whispering constantly in joy... in hope in agape of LOVE ACTION this 3rd Think for ME was whispers of goodness faithfulness long suffering love kindness peacefulness gentleness self discipline self control and thoughts of obeying God FIRST and doing His will above MY own selfish will to become UNself and to ACCEPT Gods unconditional love for MYself ....FIRST.... because I was taught that I will NOT give away something I don't have.... how will I agape others if I will not agape MYself first! Gods agape love taught ME to love Myself to give agape love which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF freely give ALL away and lift others in prayer and to remember to take care of ME and Gods holy body temple for MY belief is God lives in ME because I CHOICE to accept and decided for MYself to receive freely Christ Jesus as MY Lord and Savior which God offers to all people the free gift of salvation. Then God blessed ME with seeing becomeanx tv commerical on quitting smoking so I came here and those STAYING NICOTINE FREE TAUGHT ME....educate YOURSELF on YOUR nicotine addiction.... ONLY YOU can decide deep inside IF you are a nicotine addict... NO ONE else can decided for YOU... its all on YOU just like NO ONE forced YOU to use nicotine in the beginning... YOU chose and decided to use nicotine.Just YOU. They taught ME to Think of daily CHECK list to take care of ME by loving ACTION drinking lots of water to flush out MY body.... to exercising for better physical health NEW life care for ME... suggestions to find a hobby for MY hand to mouth habit to be put to good use by crocheting hats, scarfs for the homeless or crochet hats for cancer patients and to use MY mouth in prayer for ALL people as I color...paint or letter writing or send cards to the elderly.. prayer for others through out the day.... thank God all day long for NOT using nicotine.. to come here to BLOG YOUR hope experience love on how your fighting the battle of recovering from nicotine in CHRIST JESUS VICTORY!!!! ...READ blogs and pass on what was given freely... this 3rd Think for ME is ACTION of Gods love.... the agape love that was given to ME with the ONLY pure motive to HELP to teach what I did when I was STUCK in the FIRST and SECOND Think with OLD self talk thoughts of defeat SHOUTING in MY mind MY will MY emotions this was deep in MY soul... this constant will use again... you will never quit using nicotine... your a failure... use nicotine..and I remember the 3rd Think... to pray so I did and ..I chose the THIRD Think and ask God for HELP... I was led here and I have been coming back regardless of who what where when with the THIRD ACTION THINK.... the newbee is the MOST important person to ME for the newbee keeps teaching ME to learn daily but for the grace of God go I and the newbee teaches ME to keep learning that nicotine is still killing people by their OWN choice to use nicotine... so I seek to HELP and LOVE just like God loved ME and gave ME a NEW day a NEW recovering family who lives in the THIRD Think each moment of this NEW day to be helpful by faith in Christ Jesus name amen YOUR CHOICE Think Think Think.