Peace beyond ALL

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 30, 2017

I just read a letter from MY friend whos daughter age 59 died in her sleep... paralyzed for 13 years....fell off a horse 13 years ago freak accident.....they stated she is with her Savior and Lord Jesus now no more broken the same season of life her father suffered a stroke.... news update date he is exercising his way back to health and no longers needs a walker and his speech is getting better not yet able to talk on phone... received update on friend who is choosing of her own free will to drink vodka everyday and to use nicotine... all day......both drugs of her own choosing......many many treatments for alcohol and recently detoxed only to return to vodka... then just on Christmas day i chose to visit a friend who had mini strokes and many tests yet no answers medically and is now in nursing home choosing not to eat stated to me why should she eat she said i aint doing anything... then i visited another who is being tested for colon bleeding... so i remain to pray for others.... this peace I have is in knowing absolutely nothing happens in Gods world without HIS knowing and this peace for ME is in MY Savior and Lord Christ Jesus in ME by the teaching of MY Holy Comforter it is written God is love and this peace is knowning I am NOT God....God is God and for that I am at peace as I continue visiting MY friends who need love at this time with NOT one thought of using nicotine to escape these feelings of powerlessness for ME.... this is Christ Jesus peace beyond all MY feeble understanding... thanks for letting ME share.