Choosing death

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 14, 2017

Please take what helps snd let go of the rest to be helpful is my only aim.... my cousin received a liver transplant and chooses to continue alcohol addiction and nicotion addiction and the consequence is throat cancer so he has chosen an early death to drink n smoke until he dies .... his choice i know yet the selfishness is no thought to his mom who he ended up with due to the fact his girlfriend kicked him out for his decision after she been with him for years.... then his mom is dealing not only with his selfishness... loving them all... living there too is his brother who is also using nicotine and alcohol everyday and the granddaughter of the daughter she loss to drug overdose is living with her also... i know my aunt choice to allow all these selfish using addicts to live in her home... which fyi she also lost her husband to alcoholism and nicotine cherish your peace filled homes with health and loneliness or pity party of decorating or not or the selfishness that goes with this silly season thats says what about ME...what about ME....what about ME ... i was reading some blogs and i am so grateful to God for having learned but for the grace of God there go I...just like my aunt...a year and 5 months ago.... my husband and i took my daughter and her kids in for a year... for her to choose to improve her life plus we set a  one year boundary... she chose to continue using alcohol and nicotine and she lives with cirrhosis of the liver and after we all went our separte ways still chooses to drink and use nicotine... for ME this HOLY time of year is thanking God for his grace given to ANY who chosebthe gift of eternal salvation offered freely through Christ Jesus ONLY ...believe or dont.... i dont care... YOU gotta....only by Gods grace has me recovering 30 years from alcohol addiction and only by Gods grace had me recovering  6 years from nicotine addiction using nicotine for 38 years and only by Gods grace the best of all celebrated 31YEARS on November 5, 2017 born-again Christ Jesus beliver and God willing i will continue to choose eternal life in Christ Jesus by helping the next suffering nicotine addict recover with a choice to believe if i can you can ....WE all can STAY quit no matter what physical mental emotional spiritual TEST we go through! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the but for the grace of God there go i cuz i know i should of been dead at 14 years old when i tried to kill myself and only by Gods grace here i am TRYing to give  it ALL away to keep it thanks for letting ME vent!!!