Mind set

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 4, 2017

Today I live nicotine free because I prayed and ask MY Higher Power who is God to teach ME to have Christ Jesus mind set to stay quit and and be joy filled! Please take what helps and let go of rest for to be helpful is MY only aim. I am NOT using nicotine to live or cope or hide or stuff MY feelings or any hidden thoughts that maybe I can stay nicotine free one day so I can use only a little... these sneaky thoughts of  IF........NO! no more old mind games for ME!   NO!  Today! I made the decision to be in recovery from using nicotine by sharing how I was taught to STOP my obsessive thinking. It was suggested every time I received the thought of using nicotine to reject that thought by physically turning my head. This slight new way would lead me to capture old thoughts of using and deleting them by the turn of my head and say out loud No! I reject that thought in Jesus name and decide not one puff over me , amen. Then it was suggest I come and read the blogs here or blog to tell on MY thoughts to get HELP from all those here who live a life style of nicotine freedom! HOW they think and years later still come to teach others the ideas suggested to them by others who were here before them!  New mind sets with DECISIONS that help ME STAY quit no matter what TODAY! Gentle hug and keep on keeping on TOGETHER! Thanks for letting ME be ME! Love unity is MY mindset to help all those who suffer from nicotine in Jesus name amen   ✝️