The Full Sandwich

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 13, 2017

Today I am sharing MY living each day for MY Higher Power who is please take what helps and let go of the rest...thank you......I believe God chose ME to be helpful to others who suffer with nicotine addiction.....and I personally must TRY to give ALL away the was given to ME......freely  given......I TRY to share with those who suffer daily from life on life's terms.....people, place, situations, circumstances, or when life JUMPS OUT OF THE BUSHES AT God has made me tender toward the nicotine addict who is in denial of their addiction to nicotine.....I share what I did and how God gave ME his free gift of salvation....I accepted Jesus Christ as MY Savior and Lord on November 5, 1986 and on January 6, 2011 he freed ME from MY nicotine addiction....I was blessed with a cold turkey quit....I tried may ways and for YEARS to quit on MY OWN....I will do this MYSELF.......I have been on this site since December 2010 and I was still smoking 2-3 cigs a day and then quit and start  yet....I kept reading the blogs here and then I would exercise 2 to 3 miles everyday and still smoke 2 - a whole pack and quit and then round and round while still on this site and also a which Joel had a video of an early death by a person named Bryon....this video preyed open MY stubborn closed mind, heart, and eyes to really look at MY nicotine addiction NOT ANYONE ELSE....just ME and admit I was too weak to quit on MY I cried out to MY God for HIS..... tender-hearted mercy, kindness,humility, gentleness, and long, long, suffering to make ME willing to be willing to admit I was completely powerless over nicotine and I need Gods help.......long story short....I have been coming here and sharing MY continuous NICOTINE FREEDOM IN CHRIST JESUS FOR ME.....with anyone who wants to be set free....I pray for others and  I ask God to help me to forgive and not be offended by remember but for the Grace of God go I....the Lord Jesus forgave me when I offended him and I MUST forgive others too.......above ALL I try to live in Gods love for MYSELF first .....because you can't give away what you do not have.....The Full Sandwich is when ALL of US are UNITED AS ONE WITH ONE COMMON BOND......Recovery from nicotine and staying quit TOGETHER while loving ourselves and each other to keep coming here and helping the next suffering addict to BELIEVE..... to TRY and take the SUGGESTIONS..... each of US share out of our OWN individual life experiences that JUMP OUT at each of US...separate.... since we all have test.... trials.... temptations...... ALL of US will be able to be helpful.....ANYONE who suffers with nicotine addiction can get HELP..... now that I am full for I have eaten freely for many days in this NEW life and have come to share MY FOOD with whoever wants the suggested variety and flavors of NEW life food given here to ME freely.. please remember you get to CHOOSE for God gave you FREE WILL...when your troubled in the mind and heart and soul that you are all are welcome to come and blog... blog and share with us so we can offer NEW FOOD by the suggestions WE have been fed for WE have been where you learn that I don't think I can trust MYSELF without using nicotine..  I came and blogged and it worked the TOUGH LOVE OF THE TRUTH ABOUT NICOTINE STILL KILLING PEOPLE AND IT WOULD KILL ME EARLY IF I CONTIUED TO USE IT .... this truth...this NEW FOOD CLEANSED ME to know the truth about ME inside....ALL THE THINGS I DID TO TRY AND NOT USE NICOTINE...I admitted I HATE THE BRUSSEL SPROUTS GIVEN yet when inside of ME the NEW food nourished ME to hope for the first time.... A NEW THOUGHT came to me.... IF THEY CAN QUIT SO CAN I........please come and blog and share with us the desires to use nicotine BEFORE you take that first puff over you and the tender love comes with suggestions of TOUGH LOVE....that reminds you to REMEMBER what nicotine does to you when you choose to use it.....the food offered here is the HEALTHY kind that leaves you with the HONOR to be responsible for yourself and to STAY with us bound in HARMONY to learn NEW WAYS.....NEW IDEAS....NEW LIFE that teaches you to eat NEW food.....vile BRUSSEL SPROUTS included at times because REAL LIFE IS RAW AND IT I came and took the  SUGGESTED NEW FULL SANDWICH..... by trying different ways of coping with your old and new emotions, thoughts, days , hours, seconds....that it is possible to live without using nicotine.....God is love and I believe He brought you here for a new meal shared from those who he brought here BEFORE who to teach you how to eat NEW food and chew slowly the WISDOM that comes from each individual heart that shares what was given to them... NEW food too......we are in RECOVERY by eating the full sandwich of WE....US....OUR....TOGETHER....the best kind for NO ONE HERE can claim they did it on there OWN....many where here BEFORE ME.....and in these YEARS OF RECOVERING....many NEW CHEFS have taught ME new sandwiches of 2017....thanks for letting ME share in love...and for ME.......MY Higher Power who is God for ME is MY FULL SANDWICH.....and those who fed ME on January 6, 2011....may God continue to bless and use you to feed others in Jesus name amen.