Disciplined and Self-controlled

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 30, 2017

This past MONTH we have been dealing with confrontation with the NEW management at our NEW apartment home. The management selling point for us was....everything in the apartment you are going to be moving into is NEW...ALL NEW...well none of it came to pass and we were given another apartment the management said was clean and ready to move wasn't....we CHOOSE to accept the management offer...we had no money to move to another place that DAY....we had all our belongings in a RENTAL truck that DAY.....NOW the consequences of OUR CHOOSING TO ACCEPT...moving into someone else filth and unprofessional management who are is my husband and ME ....we started July 28, 2017 with requesting the PROMISES MADE TO US in the beginning......NEW everything.....painting done....carpet done... stove done. TOOK A MONTH OF CONSTANT PROMISED and then stating over and over the LIST of ..delivered a microwave from the stone had *****....*****.....we took microwave to office requested a 2017 model....that's  a whole different soap opera.....we have had to fight to get the management to do what they promised....I had to unpack and re-pack for painters and carpet people....the management said I should be good at that by now..  the management took his anger out on ME when they delivered the NEW stove for would be different if I was remodeling for I love Lucy  era... my husband said to management yes the stove is NEW....we will accept 1950 model.....I CHOOSE to not be easily offended by any of this crap happening on those time has passed and TODAY.....thoughts come and go of vengeance....hateful FEEELINGSSSS.....not getting enough clean breathing...I catch MYSELF holding MY breathe as I fantasy getting vengeance on ALL of them to make them SUFFER........FEEELLLINGSSSSSS of dizziness....thoughts I cried out to JESUS......please take what HELPS and let go of the rest....thank you....I prayed and confessed all my hate-filled thoughts and I ask the Holy Spirit to hold me and teach me to be disciplined and self-controlled just like is written.... love you I am TRYING to accept MYSELF and love MYSELF....for I was taught .....if some person place thing or circumstance situation is bothering ME....I MUST ACCEPT.....that person place thing or circumstance situation as Gods will for ME.....I am talking about ME not anyone I cried for Jesus to help ME because I want vengeance NOT discipline NOT self-control NOT love MY enemies.....I admitted ALL MY hate filled thinking and asked forgiveness.....received forgiveness with NO GUILT OR CONDEMNATION....and NOW I am here to confess to ALL of you.....MY really inside healing that has been done for I surrendered to JESUS ALL MY RIGHTS......ALL MY THINKING....and I claim by is written ....I have the mind of Christ.....this was taught to ME .....that I seek in MY heart to do Christ Jesus will above ALL I think....I sincerely want to be DISCIPLINED AND SELF-CONTROLLED....just like Jesus wants ME to be I confessed I didn't KNOW how to be genuine inside with REAL AGAPE LOVE and desire to be responsible for ME and MY thought life.....MY prayers were answered for here I sit after praying and exercising for one hour and 20 minutes by walking quickly and remembering to breath......then I chose to  walk to library to tell ALL of you who understand a RECOVERING ADDICTS addictions that will get out of control and TRY to created STINKING THINKING ACTION..... it is MY responsibility to be DISCIPLINED and SELF-CONTROLLED over ME....ONLY ME AND MY ATTITUDES....not the management ...WE did our part.....WE must wait for the rest of the PROMISES made by to walk MY DISCIPLINED AND SELF- CONTROLLED LIFESTYLE....I must share the WHOLE story with God...myself and I chose and made MY decision to share with ALL of is still possible to have thoughts of INSANITY AND FANTASY and NOT let them have CONTROL OVER I am doubled blessed to have ALL of you to come and pour MY heart out and know I am still being of HELP to some  ONE and NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME.....I truly am DISCIPLINED AND SELF-CONTROLLED....I stay quit no matter what and choose the HIGH ROAD to be loving and enjoying helping MYSELF FIRST....for how can I give away something I don't have...TODAY I have the willingness to be all God wants ME to be TODAY...healthy...NICOTINE FREE....and DISCIPLINED AND SELF- CONTROLLED.  Thank you ALL for letting ME share...a moment of MY day.....NICOTINE FREE....HOORAY FOR JESUS!